We deliver versatile, sturdy, and reliable circuit boards to the aerospace industry. For years, Caltronics has manufactured state-of-the-art interconnect PCBs for the aerospace industry that include aircrafts, space shuttles, satellites, and control towers. Through our specialized process and custom design capabilities, we offer high quality printed circuit boards able to meet all customer's requirements and aerospace applications.



Caltronics manufactures high grade PCBs for the instrumentation industry. Instrumentation is used to standardize systems such as flow, temperature, level, and pressure during production and manufacturing processes. Our boards have been used by gas and oil refineries, oil and drilling equipment, food processing, and electrical power grids. We are a process driven company capable of meeting the specialized requirements of this industry.



Caltronics fabricates and manufactures cutting edge printed circuit boards for patient monitoring systems, dental laser equipment, insulin pumps, and automated defibrillators. We cater to the high standards of the medical industry through numerous levels of testing and inspection. Our knowledgeable engineering team provided expertise for all capacities of medical printed circuit boards to offer creative solutions to our customers.



Caltronics understands the extreme and unusual circumstances that military printed circuit boards should withstand. As an AS9100D & ISO 90001-2015 certified and ITAR registered company, we keep our customer's specifications and environment in mind when designing, fabricating, and testing our boards to comply with government regulations. Our unique layouts and durable boards have gone into products for Raytheon, Boeing, Northtrop Grumman.



Our flex, rigid, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards are found in various technologies within the automotive industry. The search for greater safety and technological advances leaves this an ever-evolving market in pursuit of long-lasting products able to withstand heat, speed, and motion. Caltronics produces unique and resilient PCBs to support all needs ranging from prototype to production in some of the most advanced technologies. Most recently, our boards can be found in temperature sensors, seat heaters, and entertainment systems.


Consumer Electronics

Caltronics involvement in comsumer electronics ranges from touch screens and printers to wearable electronics. We understand the emerging requirements for these flexible circuits to be smaller, lighter, and easier to use. We evolve with our industry; our customized design solutions and field knowledge allows us to meet specific market needs at affordable prices. Our past products include electronics related to health, fitness, kitchen appliances, and home theaters.

Quality Technological Solutions

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