Technological advances have increased the demand for cost-effective intelligent products. We are seeing electronics integrated into activewear, visual effects, smart labels, sensors, and much more. We offer solutions to all industries in support of the need for innovative and emerging technologies.

Caltronics caters to the ever-expanding Internet of Things to manufacture lightweight and cost-effective products that safely sense, store, track, and transmit data. We work closely with our partners to develop cutting-edge products with minimal technical constraints. From prototypes to mass quantity production, our engineers are skilled workers eager to turn dreams into a reality.

Product Benefits

  • Low cost, high volume fabrication
  • Widespread production and integration application
  • Process reduces amount of material waste
  • Aids in the development of innovative electronic devices that include visual effects and Smart Sensors and RFID tags
  • Offers improved functionality such as mechanical flexibility on thin, specialty material
  • Faster turnaround

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