Caltronics is a one stop solution for all PCB and PCBA needs. We are able to purchase component kits on our customer’s behalf or work from customer supplied kits. Our capabilities include Flexible and Rigid-Flex Assembly, SMT Flex Circuit Assembly, and Through-Hole and Hand Assembly. Our facility is climate controlled and ESD controlled. We specialize in quick, high-quality turnaround for services that range, but are not limited to, prototype assembly, component procurement, bare board procurement, single and double sided assembly, and RoHS and Leaded Builds. We are ITAR registered, ISO 9001-2015 Certified, SMTA member, and meet RoHS standards and IPC guidelines.

Assembly Capabilities

  • Minimum passive component size - 0201
  • Minimum fine pitch connector - 0.4mm
  • Minimum BGA - 0.4mm
  • Parts procurement - kitted or turnkey
  • Solder types - tin/lead reflow or lead free RoHS compliant reflow
  • Stainless solder steel stencil - frameless or framed
  • Hand Assembly - Varied connector types, hot bar soldering, Prototype SMT Assembly, and forming

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